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Spectra Eye is the premier eye hospital in Mauritius. Our team of qualified ophthalmologists utilizes modern technologies to provide top-notch service. Renowned for our responsive staff and quality care, we proudly hold the title of the best eye hospital in Mauritius. Trust us to address all your vision concerns, from cataracts and glaucoma to squints and cornea issues. We understand the importance of your vision and ensure every patient receives the best treatment from our dedicated eye specialists.

Your safety and comfort take precedence, and we ensure that our procedures are minimally invasive and pain-free. Our commitment is rooted in enhancing and safeguarding our patients' vision. At Spectra Eye, we strive to provide the highest quality care, prioritizing your well-being and ensuring a journey towards improved eye health.

  • Zepto Assisted Cataract Surgery
  • First to perform LASIK surgery in Mauritius
  • Multiple Centres across the Globe
  • Dedicated Patient Care team with multi-lingual support
  • Same Day Discharge
  • Experience of a large number of surgeries
  • Unmatched Diagnostic Set up
  • Dedicated Super Specialists
One of the best Opthalmologists in Mauritius

One of the Best Ophthalmologists in Mauritius

You don’t need to travel across the sea to get quality eye care. Spectra Eye at GFin Tower, Cybercity, Ebene is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to offer affordable and quality eye care services.

Our doctor was the first to perform LASIK treatment in Mauritius. With a dedicated team of experienced super specialists, we ensure you get world-class treatment options with personalized care.

Pioneers in LASIK and Cataract Treatments

Spectra Eye is a premier destination for advanced eye care, offering cutting-edge diagnostics and sophisticated surgical facilities. Renowned for excellence, we specialize in comprehensive eye care services, including advanced procedures like cataract surgery in Mauritius. The center offers super specialty eye treatments ranging from minor to all types of eye procedures/surgeries in a single day-treatment.

Bringing the international standard of eye care, the latest technical equipment necessary for the most effective procedures, and the most reliable Eye specialist in Mauritius under one roof – Spectra is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations. We will make sure that you get access to the best eye care services in the nation.

 Eye Specialist in Mauritius



A. On your initial doctor's visit, anticipate discussions about your medical history, any current concerns, and your family's health background. The doctor may perform tests to evaluate your overall well-being.

A. Booking an appointment is simple and swift. Reach out to us at +230-52517100, or conveniently leave your name, email ID, phone number, and message on our website dropbox. Alternatively, visit us at GF in Building, Ebene, Moka District for in-person appointment scheduling.

A. Spectra Eye Hospital welcomes you from 9 am to 5 pm, providing a convenient time frame for your health needs.

A. The usual eye surgery takes 15–60 minutes, the rest of the thing depending on the treatment procedure and patient's condition.

A. Our success rate for Lasik surgery hovers around 90%, reflecting our commitment to delivering optimal outcomes for our patients.

A. Vision recovery duration depends on the surgery. While some surgeries offer immediate results, others may require a recovery period before full vision is restored.

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