Facts about cataract

Facts You Should Know About Cataracts

A cataract is an eye disease that usually looks like a cloud that forms over the normally clear lens of your eye. It helps prevent light and images from reaching the retina directly. People often say it's like looking out of a fogged or frosted window. As time changes, cataracts can be severe and cause you difficulty in reading, driving, or even seeing the expressions of people's faces. The good news is that you can do things to protect your eyes and make your vision better. Here are 7 important facts that will help you take control of your eyesight.

Only Age Causes the Cataracts

Many people whose age is more than 50 years are probably affected with cataracts disease but in reality, age is not the only cause of cataracts. Many more causes can affect cataracts, such as drinking excessively, being exposed to sunlight, and having a family history of cataracts. Diabetic complications, ocular injuries, steroid usage, radiation therapy. If you are doing or facing these things, then you may also have the full chance of getting affected by cataracts.

Changes In Lifestyle Can Reverse The Effects Of Cataracts

Making some changes in your life can reduce the effects of cataracts. Is that true? Changes can only help you relax for a few hours but not provide you with full treatment; lifestyle changes wouldn’t have the ability to resolve big problems like cataracts. In reality, you have to believe in cataract surgery to get proper treatment and recovery from cataracts. Because if you are caught in this disease, it will snatch your vision slowly and keep the big hurdle in front of your vision.

Cataracts Can't Be Prevented As Growing Age

It would be wrong if we think that cataracts cannot be treated as they grow older because you can easily solve your cataract disorder with the right cataract surgeon. You just need to pick the right doctor who can take everything seriously and cure your cataracts without causing you any trouble.

If Cataracts Are Not Fixed, It Can Cause Blindness

This term is true if we understand this term in a sense because if you leave it untreated something can cause you trouble for sure. Cataract also has a similar effect. First, it will snatch your vision slowly, and unclear vision will surely leave you blind. The only way you can prevent cataracts is the right time treatment, otherwise, it will be serious.

The Most Common Sign Of A Cataract Is Blurry Vision

Usually, cataracts start with blurry vision, and then it will disturb you in your daily life. Likewise, you couldn't drive properly because of unclear vision. You will always feel something appear in front of your eye, but when you rub, you find nothing. That’s how cataracts disturb your life, but if you can't take any precautions or treatment, it will become a big trouble for you.

Cataract Can Recur And Long Recovery Period

Some people have some myths about cataracts, that cataracts can recur after some days of surgery and that the recovery period is also too long. But it is a false fact because if you have completed cataract surgery it will never grow back, and you can properly recover after 1-2 weeks.

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Even After Cataract Surgery, People Still Need glasses

If you are going to treat your cataracts with cataract surgery, then there will be no chance of wearing the glasses again. You can see everything without facing any trouble. This surgery will bring back happiness to your face, and you don’t need to carry heavy glasses on your nose all the time.


Cataracts can be a serious problem if left untreated, and that’s why it is important to take all precautions before it's too late for your vision. These common facts may help to resolve all of your queries. Now you can easily understand how important it is to cure cataracts at the right time. You don’t need to be scared of anything like recovery timing or that it will recur. Everything will be alright. You just need to pick a good doctor who will provide you with the right cataract surgery that will help you see again like before.