Spectra Eye- Leading Eye Hospital in Mauritius

Let yourself free from all the vision errors with us.

Spectra Eye is the best eye hospital in Mauritius located at Ebene and Floreal. It not only provides you with quality eye care services but also equipped with world class facilities. Our doctor was the first to perform treatment for LASIK. We have a team of highly qualified professionals to treat your eyes with utmost care and accuracy. Experience the most trustable and affordable vision services at our hospital. We are dedicated to making your eyesight better so that you can see the clearer world with it.

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Super-Specialty Eye Care Services


Set yourself free from the cloudy vision with our ZEPTO assisted robotic precision cataract surgery.


Time to say goodbye to your specs with the painless LASIK surgery at our hospital.


Don’t let the glaucoma take your eyesight. Let your eyes heal with our best treatment options for glaucoma.

Squint services

We specialise in correcting misaligned eyes in children and adults with the world class treatment for squint.

Cornea services

Get rid of vascularity and curvature problems that are affecting the transparency of cornea and creating difficulty for your vision.

Retina services

We provide treatment for diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment and all the disease related to retina.

Why Spectra Eye is the Best Eye Clinic in Mauritius

Spectra eye is the best eye clinic in Mauritius because our center has a variety of super specialty services ranging from minor eye treatments to major eye surgeries. Our services include cataracts, glaucoma, LASIK, squint, cornea, and retina. We have progressed dynamically in the field of Ophthalmology through our hard work and passion for this field. We have multiple centers around the world and we also have a special team for multi-lingual support. Our policy to discharge patients on the same day helps the patients to have hassle-free eye treatment. We understand that your time is valuable.