Top-Rated Eye Specialists in Mauritius

With many years of experience in eye treatments, the eye specialists at Spectra Eye are dedicated to giving your eyes the best vision. Our team of eye surgeons has immense expertise in the field of eye care and several patients benefited from our services. We aim to provide the best eye treatment at the most affordable cost. By partnering with some of the leading eye care brands like ZEISS, AMO, Reticare, and Alcose we ensure to give your eyes an effortless and comfortable experience.

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Zepto assisted robotic cataract surgery for precision and Safety.


Get Spectacle-free eyes with painless Lasik treatment at our hospital.


Don't let glaucoma take your vision away. Get affordable treatment options for Glaucoma at Spectra Eye.

Squint services

Correct the misaligned eyes in adults and children from our renowned squint surgeon.

Cornea services

At Spectra Eye we have the latest technology to treat vascular and curvature-related problems that affect transparency of the cornea.

Retina services

Treatment available for all retinal problems like a retinal tear, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, and other retina related diseases.

Why does Spectra Eye have the Best Eye Doctors in Mauritius?

Though our core specialization is Robotic cataract surgery and Femtosecond Lasik surgery, we are skilled to perform all the major and minor eye surgeries including Glaucoma, squint, retinal diseases, and corneal vision problems.

We have performed multiple Cataract, LASIKother eye surgeries with an excellent success rate.

Our multi-lingual support team there to understand your concern and provide you hassle-free treatment experience.

With the most advanced technologies and unmatched expertise, we ensure that you get the best eye treatment at Spectra Eye.