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Treatment for all types of Squint

  • Esotropia

The condition when eye turns inwards towards the nose

  • Exotropia

The condition when eye turns outwards away from the nose

  • Hypotropia

The condition when eye turns downwards

  • Hypertropia

The condition when eye turns upwards


Squint or Strabismus is the disorder where the eyes do not line up together in the same direction. It can be corrected as early as when the child is 6 months of age. We have many successful stories of Squint correction in children due to our experienced best squint surgeon in India. We also offer adult squint treatment in Delhi.


Squint (also known as strabismus) is a condition that arises due to incorrect balance of the eye muscles that help in eye movement leading to misaligned eyes. It is usually self diagnosable. Now the cost of squint surgery in Delhi is quite affordable. Contact us to start your treatment today.

  • Both eyes don’t look in exactly same direction at the same time. The deviation of one or both eyes may be in any direction -inward, outward, upward or downward
  • Children can have defective vision in one or both eyes.
  • Sometimes double vision is also experienced.


Squint does not correct on its own. We offer a holistic approach when it comes to squint correction in India. Based on a comprehensive evaluation by our squint specialist in delhi, a treatment plan is created. It is often a stepwise approach involving:-


Orthoptic exercises can be advised in cases of convergence insufficiency.


Patching therapy (occlusion therapy) can be done in children under 10yrs of age if the child has amblyopia (lazy eye) leading to squint.


If the squint is due to refractive error, it can be connected by prescribing suitable spectacles. Prisms: Prisms can be advised in patients with paralytic squint to deplete diplopia. It is also given to patients after evaluation if the deviation is very less.


Misaligned eyes can be straightened by surgical intervention (Mainstay of treatment in adults).


The cost of squint treatment depends on the type of surgery and the lens you choose. Also squint treatment may be covered by the medical insurance policy.

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Even if a squint has been untreated for a long time, surgery can help improve eye alignment, but any vision problems that are not treated at a young age may be permanent.

Squinting is common in babies and toddlers, but it can occur at any age. If not treated early, the condition can progress and lead to vision loss in the affected eye later in life.

Squint eye surgery results are permanent in 95 percent of cases, and in some rare cases, the person may need to seek additional treatment if the symptom is not corrected. However, surgical procedures have advanced over time and are now very precise in their treatments.

The sensation of pain after strabismus surgery appears to vary greatly. Moderate pain that responds to selective medication is the norm, especially for first-time operations. Pain can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Following the procedure, a pad may be placed over the treated eye. This is usually removed the next day, or even before you leave the house. The eye will most likely be sore for a few days. You may be given pain relievers and eye drops to aid in the healing process.

Recovery from squint surgery can take several weeks. Avoid strenuous activities and keep an eye out for infections.

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